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After spending time, money and innumerable effort to build your mobile app, you will see cpimobi success or failure of your app in its cpimobi the App Store. In fact, I would say those keywords are actually helping them to look more relevant in the eyes of a potential customer. Don’t forget to use URL-friendly characters so that the App Store can properly scan your keywords. But it’s not enough for app developers to ask users for reviews; they have to be prepared cpimobi act on user input and feedback. App store users have also wised up to the cheap tricks and ploys of app marketers.app store optimization tips

Your icon will be the first thing your potential users see when they come into contact with your app (maybe even your brand), so make sure you get your icon right. For that reason, app marketing and ASO (App Store Optimization) is a prime area of our research. Suggest: For Google Play the amount of characters needed for the keyword to come up as a suggestion in the search box, and the position in the suggestions list. App Annie is a popular app ranking, analytics and market intelligence platform aimed at apps across marketplaces.

Higher number of in-app events — while revenue and number of buyers from in app purchases is tracked in the app stores, apps without in app purchases should analyze the impact on their key in-app events. You have already put your app in a position where it can be organically discovered, but ASO is a continual process. Many ASOs use Sensor Tower, which is a decent, mid-priced tool for ASO marketing and app store keyword optimization. I will be clear: WITH NO PROPER MARKETING ACTIVITIES THAT INCLUDE ASO, chances are that your app will stay buried forever, as brilliant as it may be. The goal is to make your app rank as highly as possible in search through careful selection and optimization of title, keywords, icon, and more. Finally, not all of your clients will need this, but localization can multiply the number of downloads that an app gets. A high ranking is also important because users will not install an app with low rating, for fear of a poor user experience.

We will cover this in depth in the next article but this helps search engines discover content on your web site that relates to the content or function in your app. Google Play gives a 4000 character limit on descriptions, which should include keywords, meaningful sentences and imaginative vocabulary. At the same time, you want to know what your competitors are doing so you can figure out what keywords similar to yours they’re targeting. Also here is a link to our ASO Guide, which tells you the most important principles and facts about App Store Optimization.

Like SEO, you do still need to take things like search volume, competition, and relevancy into consideration… but the way keywords perform in a browser-based search engine is much different to how they perform in app stores. App Type: Google divides apps into two main types.” They are applications” and games.” Mark your app appropriately. If your app hasn’t been featured or noted” by Apple’s editors or has yet to acquire tens of thousands of downloads to rank in the top 10, then the only way to reach users is via so-called organic discovery,” or search.

As the name implies, it’s all mobile marketing researching relevant keywords describing your mobile app. Now we turn our attention to how Google Play and the Apple App Store are different. SensorTower’s organic approach to ASO has helped it quickly establish a reputation through its fully automated Keyword App Ranking Tracking tool that gives developers access to accurate data on a per-keyword basis. App stores that are able to monitor this can see how satisfied people are with your app and how many people uninstall it. Obviously, the first step is to have an awesome app that provides value, offers utility and keeps users engaged. People will almost always download an app that has a high percentage of positive ratings.

Before we get started I just wanted to reiterate that if you have a good app that friends and family love, people are blogging and talking about then the strategies over this series will help you boost your app. To get started, we’ll need to find the relevant keywords you want to target, discover their approximate search volume and ranking difficulty, then we’ll need to plug them into your app store listing via iTunes Connect. There are lots of ASO services from the Internet but most of them are in English only. The client you are targeting will already have the first few steps described above taken care of. They understand that their customers use mobile, they have a mobile-friendly website and most importantly…they already have a mobile app. Visually, you’ll want to include useful screenshots that look appealing in your app description.

App stores are search engines for apps, that is why I use the analogy to SEO, its essentially the same thing but measuring different signals. You want your app to be at the top of the list, or at least on the first search results page for those users browsing in the store. Living and breathing mobile apps, I meet with, talk to and serve quite a lot of mobile app developers.

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