Celebrity Jokes

What did Haley Joel Osment find on the top of Mt. Everest?
Icey dead people

Why did McCauley Culkin get married?
He was tired of being home alone.

What is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite web site?
Alta Vista baby.

What does Hannibal Lecter call Britney Spears?
Dinner at Hooters!

Did you hear about Woody Allen’s latest movie?
It’s called “Honey, I Married the Kids”

What dessert doesn’t Puff Daddy like any more?
J-Lo! (Jello)

Have you heard about the Sharon Stone virus?
It makes a huge initial impact, then you forget it’s there.

…or how about the Mike Tyson virus?
It quits after one byte!

Why did Harry Potter have to retake his first year at Hogwarts?
Because he couldn’t spell!

Did you know James T Kirk had 3 ears?
His left ear, his right ear and his final frontier

Did you see Dolly Parton’s new shoes?
Neither did she.

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