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Larisa Oleynik

Started her career at the age of 8, starring in “Les Miserables” at Curran Theatre. At the age of 12, Larissa became a household name, playing the lead role in “The Secret World of Alex Mack”. Since then she has starred in movies like “100 Girls” and “10 Things I Hate about You”.

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Amanda Lamb

Formerly an estate agent, and then a model for six years, Amanda has appeared in a range of very high profile advertising promotions and more recently hit TV shows such as a Place in the Sun and also Ideal Home.

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Keeley Hawes

Keeley’s first break was in the TV programme “Karaoke”. She then landed several other roles in movies like “The Beggar Bride” and “Our Mutual Friend”. Many people will know Keeley from her 2002 role as Zoe Reynolds in BBC TV drama “Spooks” where she played an MI5 agent. Other roles include “Death at a Funeral” and “Baker Street”.

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Laura Harris

Laura (sometimes credited as Elizabeth Harris) was born in Vancouver, Canada. She started her career at the age of 5 and it wasn’t until 1990s when she appeared in Stephen King movie “It”. After that she continued to go from strength to strength appearing in movies such as “The Faculty” and as Marie Warner in the hit TV show “24″. Other projects include “Ted’s MBA (Many Brief Affairs”.

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Lisa Gallagher

Lisa was educated at Sharples School. She went on to graduate from the University of Hull with a BSc. Hons 2.1 degree in geography. These days you are most likely to see her presenting the weather for the BBC in the Yorkshire region.

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Jennifer Ellison

Jennifer Ellison plays Emily in hit UK soap, Brookside. Jennifer joined the soap in 1998, before that she was a dancer who won world championships for her ballet and modern dancing. She has even danced in front of Princess Anne in London’s West End.

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